Tricks Look Prettier

1. Always choose a facial cleanser and body foams which provide pH balanced. Using stronger soap may wash away the natural moisture of your skin leaving it dry and flaky. I used to wash my face with whitening soap before and it just produced fine lines as I age. So I switched to facial cleanser which is “pH neutral” and found out it is good for my skin. I do not experience breakouts anymore during periods and I could really feel the softness of my skin after washing.
2. Keep it a habit to use moisturizer after washing your face or after taking a bath. My ideal facial moisturizer is those products which contain vitamin E and has collagen to avoid wrinkles. I put a minimal amount of moisturizer all over my face and then apply more on areas like the sides of my eyes where fine lines are visible.
3. Make sure that you also moisturize your body with creamy lotion. Personally, I do not mind if my body lotion does not contain whitening ingredient as long as it is creamy and smells so good. I do not prefer using whitening lotion because it can make my skin dry and dull. But I am in love with the baby lotion that smells good and creamy to my skin.

At bedtime, I apply petroleum jelly all over my legs and toes. I find it very sticky on my skin but it feels so soft after a hot shower.

Change your lifestyle.
1. If you really want to look prettier and 10 years younger than your age you need to change your lifestyle. As I age, I avoid eating too much meat, I learned to reverse my taste buds as I do not want to grow big. Being fat and heavy makes you look older. So keep that ideal weight to look young and healthy.
2. Increase your fruits and vegetable consumption. Every meal, I always include fruit like banana in my diet. I also consider preparing a vegetable menu, my favorite is ampalaya omelet or bitter gourd mixed with scrambled egg for breakfast. For lunch, I like chayote with chicken strips and fish soup with malunggay for dinner.